About Us

About Us


Purple Grove Trading Private Limited is a cutting-edge agricultural solutions company specializing in the development and production of innovative agriculture products, Bio-fertilizers and Commodities like Sugar, Rice, Oil, Plusses, and Honey.

Under the leadership of Mr.Chandrashekhar Gowda, our Managing Director, we aim to revolutionize the farming industry by providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions that enhance crop yields, promote soil health, and reduce reliance on chemical inputs. Through our innovative products and expertise, we contribute to the global drive for sustainable agriculture and food security.

By implementing this three-year roadmap, Purple Grove Trading Private Limited aims to achieve a yearly business turnover of 150 Crore to 200 Crore, while maintaining a profit margin of 15%. The company's commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation will be the driving force behind its growth and success in the trading industry.

Our Timeline


Expand Product Portfolio: Purple Grove Trading will focus on expanding its product portfolio by adding more agricultural products and commodities to cater to the diverse needs of clients. This expansion will include exploring new markets and introducing innovative products to stay ahead of the competition.

Strengthen International Relationships: The Company will further strengthen its relationships with international clients from Malaysia, UAE, and South Africa. This will involve regular communication, building trust, and exploring opportunities for collaboration in new markets.

Market Expansion: The Company will identify and enter new domestic and international markets with high growth potential. Market research and analysis will be conducted to understand the demand, competition, and regulatory landscape in these markets.

Consolidate Existing Client Relationships: The Company will prioritize strengthening relationships with existing clients by consistently delivering high-quality products, maintaining competitive pricing, and offering personalized services. Customer feedback and satisfaction surveys will be conducted to identify areas of improvement and ensure customer loyalty.

Product Diversification: Purple Grove Trading will continue diversifying its product range to meet the evolving demands of clients. This will involve exploring organic and sustainable agricultural products, expanding the bio-fertilizer segment, and sourcing new commodities with high market demand.

Market Penetration: Purple Grove Trading will focus on deepening its market penetration in existing markets by strengthening its presence and expanding its customer base. This will involve targeted marketing campaigns, relationship-building activities, and offering competitive pricing and attractive incentives to customers.

International Expansion: The Company will explore opportunities for international expansion in new markets beyond Malaysia, UAE, and South Africa. Market research and feasibility studies will be conducted to identify promising markets with high demand for agricultural products and commodities.